COVID-19 Solutions for Underserved and Rural Markets

COVID -19 solutions purpose is to lessen the burden of government while fulfilling the intent of H.R. Bill 748, also known as the C.A.R.E.S. A.C.T. H.R. 748 purpose was to ensure those small businesses in underserved and rural had prioritized processing and disbursement of funds. The Sense of the Senate in the bill stated ”the Administrator was to “issue guidance to lenders and agents to ensure that the processing and disbursement of covered loans prioritize small business concerns and entities in underserved areas and rural markets, including veterans and members of the military community, small business concerns owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals (as defined in section 8 (d)(3)(C), women, and businesses in operation for less than 2 years”.


Despite the Sense of the Senate, good ole boy relationships, unclear guidelines, the opposite occurred by prioritizing funding for the wealthy. Each one of COVID-19 takes into consideration the most vulnerable industries and repurposes them to address the most pressing issues due to the pandemic.


Rescuing CSB repurposes mom and pop / family-owned restaurants into food production centers while utilizes restaurant servers and young adults to make deliveries.


The food is delivered to households in high poverty census tracks and areas with a high number of free and reduced participants.


Creating A New Story (C.A.N.S)  focuses on the use of cans products to provide safe meals while reducing the consumption of meat.


C.A.N.S also provides scholarship opportunities for 2020 seniors.


Masking The Underserved repurposes hair salons into manufacturing sites for masks.


Salon owners are paired with young adults ages 16-25 and taught how to professionally produce high-quality masks by utilizing recycled clothing.


We are keeping Our Doors Open (K.O.D.O) repurposes small churches and restaurant servers into outreach agents and bookkeepers for their local micro-small businesses.


Church officials will contact each business in their area to identify their needs to create a success plan. Each company will receive bookkeeping assistance and accounting services at low to no cost.

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