The mission of CSB Coalition partners is to rescue, restore, and ensure that Community Small Businesses (CSB) recover from the unprecedented effects of COVID-19.  To obtain its mission during this critical time in America's history, we must address the differences and needs of a CSB. Community Small Businesses add to the harmony of its community, while a typical small business only provides a service or product. 

There is no rural dirt road the Coalition is not prepared to travel,  an urban community they are afraid to serve, or a demographic that they can not reach. The requested rescue funds will bridge the gap, assist with flattening the curve, and harmoniously kill COVID-19 by: ​

  1. Providing a National Food Access Supply Chain that will serve all 435 Congressional Districts 

  2. Keeping Community Small Businesses Doors Open 

  3. Protecting Community Small Businesses  Workforce 

  4. Creating New Jobs 

  5. Assisting with Outreach, Technical Assistance, Training, Processing and Packaging of loans

  6. Addressing the mental needs of 2020 High School Seniors 

  7. Reducing the threat of increased Domestic Violence and Criminal Activities 

​​​Community Small Businesses located in underserved and rural communities must have a different set of guidelines to qualify and receive funding via H.R. 748. Any non-action by the SBA Administrator would be equivalent to handing down a DEATH SENTENCE to someone that hasn't committed a crime.

​Community Small Businesses typically employ the unemployable or provide income opportunities for the homeless and individuals suffering from addictions or mental illness. Simply put, allowing one to pick up the garbage, sweep the business floor, take out the trash, or provide overnight security makes underserved communities function harmoniously. Additionally, they are the backbones to local youth organizations and community activities.

​​Neglecting Community Small Businesses will create higher crime rates, increase poverty, civil unrest within these communities, causing many businesses to bypass recession and enter the worth economic depression in America's history. The bottom line is once America recovers from COVID-19, these businesses will remain closed forever unless we stand up for them now.


Community Small Business owners typically work 60 to 80 hours per week but lack marketing and management training causing the business too operate week to week. Benefiting Community Small Businesses will be required to keep their staff intact, provide community services where applicable, participate in financial literacy and business development training. The CSB coalition believes these requirements will provide a solid foundation and enhance the ability to repay the loan.

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Pioneering Partners are the visionaries that have dedicated their lives to making a difference for individuals and communities. They are called crazy or radical due to their level of sacrifice and relentless attitude to achieve success.


Resource Partners are the supporting cast that's required to complete any mission or fulfill any goal. They are skilled and loyal to the coalition’s overall purpose. Each resource partner possesses a unique skill or offers a product or service vital to fulfilling desired results.

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