Solutions for Success

C.A.N.S Food Access Supply Chain is a CSB national effort to preserve and create roughly 2 million full-time, part-time, and seasonal jobs. The workforce will consist of gig workers, young adults age 16 through 25, restaurant servers, and licensed professionals such as barbers and hairstylists. Family Owned Restaurants will serve as food production sites. 


The supply chain will limit the number of individuals needed to be in circulation but allows those with more durable immune systems and some knowledge of food handling to reduce the risk of community spread. The expected outcome for the supply chain are:

By The Numbers: 

  1.        458,000  Full-Time jobs protected or created

  2.     1,500,000  Part-time/ seasonal jobs protected or created 

  3.        100,000  Food Production Centers aka (Mom and Pop Restaurants) 

  4. 200,000,000  Daily Meal Production Capacity / Delivery 

  5. 100,000,000  Americans Served Daily 


Additional Benefits: 

  1. National Food Access Supply Chain that will serve over 2000 counties in America

  2. Keep Community Small Businesses Doors Open 

  3. Protect CSB Workforce

  4. Create New Jobs 

  5. Infusion of cash in multiple industries such as retail, rental cars, hotels, and several others 

  6. Assist with Outreach, Technical Assistance, Training, Processing and Packaging of loans

  7. Addressing the mental needs of 2020 High School Seniors 

  8. Assist in flattening the curve and starving COVID-19 

  9. Assist with 2020 Census Hard To Count  

  10. Reduce Domestic Violence and Criminal Activities

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