If We Don't Do It Who Will?

CSB Coalition is a national agency led by business professionals, 501C(3) 's and 501C(4) founders that focuses on the survival and growth of Community Small Businesses (CSB) in underserved and rural markets. CSB's in America due to a lack of representation and geographical location are historically underfunded. The coalition classifies a Community Small Business as a business with 1 to 10 employees, annual revenues under $800,000.00, and generally serves its customers weekly. ​


The alliance focuses on ensuring that underserved areas and rural markets, including small business concerns, owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals (as defined in section 8 (d)(3)(C), women, and businesses in operation for less than two years are provided funding and support by the SBA.

We Must Act Now


Protect The Historically Underserved

C.S.B. Coalition's mission is to rescue, restore, and ensure that Community Small Businesses recover from the unprecedented effects of COVID-19.  The Coalition is requesting direct funding in multiple rounds based on the length of the Coronavirus Pandemic. The first funding request is $200 Billion, which is $70 Billion in no to low-interest forgivable loans, $30 Billion in grants, and $100 Billion in New Market Tax Credits. The Tax Credit will be called Professional Athlete Restoration Tax (PART) and utilized to Restore Families Across America by providing location-based economic development. P.A.R.T. incentivizes professional athletes to invest in the communities they work or where they grew up. The initial funding round will focus on rescue, which will be up to $100,000.00 for each qualified C.S.B. and up to $25,000.00 for each qualified licensed professional and Gig Worker.


The direct request is being made based on the historical neglect of this demographic of Americans. The S.B.A. failed to honor the Sense of the Senate in H.R. 748 by not ensuring Community Small Businesses covered loans were processed and funds disbursed. Each funding recipient will sign a GOOD FAITH CERTIFICATION as alternative documentation as it relates to 940, 941, 1096, or 1099. Before COVID-19, no existing entity nor political group had demonstrated the fortitude or ability to improve the lives of C.S.B.'s and the communities they serve.

Business Meeting


Expert Guidance

Saving the CSB from closure due to COVID-19 by keeping its door open and staff intact. Each CSB will play an intricate role in serving their immediate community.


Achieve Your Goals

To restore the CSB owner, we bring back the hope and excitement demonstrated when they first opened their business. We must address the social impact that Coronavirus has placed on America but especially those that are socially and economically disadvantaged. 


Grow Your Business

The Coalition goal is to ensure that CSB recovers the income loss due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The coalition will also assist with establishing a solid foundation for the CSB.


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